Being famous or being in the public eye doesn't make you a special or a good person~ I think if you use that fame, money, power, whatever ect...to influence ppl for the good even if its just your friends and family i think thats what makes ppl special. Not getting caught up and staying humbles what makes you special. In the end what does having a lot of money of being famous give you? Work Hard, Enjoy what you do and be good to other human beings, we all equal, Being a good person's whats make you special, these days they are hard to find!! A lotta kids these day's gotta twisted~ anyways i'mmah keep giving yall good music, keep on dancing, keep on rappin, keep on singing, keep on enjoying life, keep on keepin on know what i'm sayin? peace yall SWAG BITCH!! lol


yeah i'm still a 망나니 problem child, wild boy, crazy muhfuckah~ but i got a good heart~ at least i try to and think i do lol


by kyona1118 | 2012-01-06 19:16 | JAYBUMAOMILLIONAIRE